Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bloody Browsers!

So, a month or so has passed and I have not updated this blog. Its been the summer holidays and what a summer Ive had! Milk River has been a regular fixture at Camden Lock's East Yard for the last 8 or so weeks.

Its been a very interesting few months but hard. The market is a vibrant and busy market that has so many great and quirky things on sale. I love Camden Lock for these very reasons. You can find bits that you would not find anywhere in London maybe the UK.

Each week many different traders come and offer their wares some returning the next week many not! Just like the traders and products the visitors are just as vibrant and different. Every week vast amount of tourists find themselves walking through the bustling market browsing. So heres the magic word...... Browsing! That's all that they seem to do! Browse! Its one of the most frustrating aspects of being a trader.

I am finding that the level of visitors that buy is relatively low. I know your probably thinking well maybe its your products? Maybe it is or maybe its not! But standing around for 9 hours straight and barely making your rent is slightly soul destroying! Well maybe that's a slight exaggeration but did you noticed I said "slightly".

Anyway, I have taken a hard cold look at what I am selling on my stall and then prices. I have amended my prices accordingly and seen a difference. I have added cosmetics such as nail varnish and lip gloss to appeal to more people. Although I love being in Camden Lock I'm beginning to wonder if Camden Lock is the right place to trade. I think due to the number of tourist coming through the market is probably not helping either.

Even though its slow right now I have to remind myself that I have only just started I need to give it a chance and keep evaluating my products, stall presentation, my sales pitch and many other things.

Milk River is my baby, I will keep on keeping on! No giving up!

Until Next Time..........................

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