Thursday, 24 May 2012

Progress at Last...


Finally, I've made some progress in the murky business of setting up the site! Its not a great deal but at least I don't feel completely clueless today.

I received an email from the website providers about arranging a meeting with my 'onboard coach' he revealed he didn't have a slot for at least 2 weeks and I should get a move on to make an appointment for one of those dates as they go very quickly! Bloody Cheek!!!!!!
I paid an extraordinary amount extra for him to grace my presence for 60 minutes! anyway, I promptly replied saying the only reason I signed up to this 'Golden package' was to have an on board coach as I'm not that technical! he replied saying that I'M lucky he has an cancellation next Wednesday at 3pm!

So back to creating my products and hopefully Ill have a sample for each line to be photographed by my lovely friend in a few days time.

Talk Soon........


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