Monday, 21 May 2012

Starting Out


My name is Natalie and I am in the process of starting a bath and body business. All my products are hand made from natural ingredients. I'm very new to blogging but I do enjoy writing and sharing my experiences.

Setting up a small business has been gruelling yet exciting! My emotions are continuously tossed from being frightened to excited but as they say feel the fear and do it anyway, and thats what I'm doing!

My initial reason for wanting to start this company was that I recently graduated from university (Well 4 yrs ago!) and I realised the area I was planning to work in was experiencing extreme government cuts and I simply didn't want to work with young people anymore! so I began to look for self employment opportunities, looking back I suppose I lost alot of my confidence due to being out off work for the last 4 years raising two boys who were both born in the same year! (yes, I know!)

Anyway, a good friend of mine who has about a million great business ideas started to make gift baskets with products brought from a supplier, I started with her but I felt I wanted to do something more and independent to her so I thought why not make the products by hand?

I began to research and research and then some more research! I looked at every site and took every opportunity to educate myself by taking small courses and the such, I then began to create the products that's when the fun began and I quickly went from making soaps to body butter to all sorts.

Its been such a great learning curve and I finally believe I've found something I love to do.

I have so much more to share regarding the highs and lows of starting a small business when you have no experience!

Until next time..........


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